A Monthly Full Moon & Rest Circle

Bathed in the luminous glow of the full moon, our minds ignite with creative sparks and restlessness. Come join our free 45-minute Zoom circle, where we’ll navigate this cosmic energy together, finding serenity amidst the celestial dance, until we can reach a state of blissful sleep and much needed restorative rest. WitchSchool will open the door of that better sleep for you. All are invited to experience the magic.

🕒 Date & Time: Starting August 19, 2024, at 9 pm EST 
📍 Location: Zoom (register here)

What to Expect:
🌬️ Air: Clear your mind with breathing exercises.
🔥 Fire: Ignite inner strength through guided visualization.
🌊 Water: Release emotional weight and find balance.
🌍 Earth: Ground yourself for calm and support.

No experience necessary—just an open heart. No Fee.

Live information session and open Q&A with Kiki Keskinen

Join a free, interactive Question-and-answer facilitated by the WitchSchool founder to discover the transformation that occurs at WitchSchool. This session offers a unique glimpse into the program.

Wednesday, October 9, 2024 at 6:30 PM EST (3:30 PM Pacific Time)

This online session is your opportunity to connect directly with alumni and students. It’s not just informative but also a chance to discover for yourself the empowering experience that this program offers.

Kiki will take you through the calling of directions and elements, a short grounding visualisation and an overview of the curriculum. Either written in chat or asked aloud, have your questions answered to understand what makes WitchSchool a transformative program for feminists in mid-life.

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