Witchschool Business Values

Getting down to business, the Witch way

At WitchSchool, we don’t do business as usual.

We do business to make things better.

We borrow from Earth-centred wisdom and consider the impact of our actions, forward and back 7 generations.

We support balance —

Of masculine, and feminine.

Of brain, heart and soul.

Of all kinds of knowings.

And lineages.

And identities.

We honour personal power.

And nurture the collective.

Community is important.

In our intentions, goals. And along the way.

We seek to tread lightly.

In a way that does good to our brothers and sisters — humans included 😆.

My point is: this reverence dictates our 8 business values — as Witches and business founders.

Let’s get into it…

Witchschool’s 8 business and school values

Value #1. Slow business

Witchcraft involves patience, deep learning, and a connection with the natural world that doesn’t rush.

It’s about embracing a holistic view of time and growth, with a focus on sustainable, long-term practices and relationships.

At Witchchool “slow business” refers to a deliberate and unhurried approach to personal and spiritual growth.

The curriculum is designed to be taken over a longer period, allowing students to absorb and integrate the teachings into their lives organically.

As a business, rather than prioritizing short-term gains, Witchschool values the learning journey, quality delivery, holistic perspective and ethical considerations in its operations.

Value #2. Community, collaboration and sisterhood

Witchcraft is deeply rooted in community, collaboration and sisterhood.

Witches come together in circles to share knowledge, support one another, and work towards common goals as a collective.

WitchSchool emphasizes the importance of building community and a safe space for students to collaborate, learn together, and foster a sense of sisterhood.

The focus is on collective growth and shared wisdom.

As a business, we know that encouraging mutual support and a sense of belonging can lead to increased creativity, productivity, and a positive school environment and culture.

Value #3. Decolonization and re-indigenization

At WitchSchool, spirituality and witchcraft involve reconnecting with ancestral traditions as we work to heal our internalized colonial and patriarchal beliefs and practices.

Students are encouraged to explore their own Earth-centred lineages, recognize their roots, and learn from the wisdom of land-based communities.

WitchSchool acknowledges that decolonization and re-indigenization of business practices involve questioning capitalist models of business as usual, honoring learnings from Earth-centred perspectives and incorporating their practices and values into the organization.

We look to ancient Earth-centred wisdom to lead us as an ethical Earth-centred business and school.

Value #4. Regenerative and Reconciliation practices

Witchcraft emphasizes the need for regenerative practices that heal and nourish, rather than exploit and deplete.

This means that as a business and school, Witchschool goes beyond standard sustainability efforts of waste reduction and ethical sourcing.

We aim to:
—restore the balance between humans and the environment, focusing on regeneration and healing
—reconciling with the Earth, mending the harm that has been done through centuries of exploitation.

In our work and teachings, we seek to acknowledge past injustices and actively work to create a more inclusive and equitable environment for all stakeholders — including students, teachers, team members and partners.

We talk of walking lightly and consuming less.

We teach students of settler descent that we’re on borrowed land. And that the natural material we use in our altars and rituals, are also borrowed and are to be returned.

WitchSchool has initiated healing relationships with local indigenous communities.

Staff and alumni groups have formed around healing circles with Witches and indigenous women, considering this as part of the activism and social justice that makes up Witches’ work.

Value #5. Diversity: Intergenerational, gender-wise wisdoms from all and culturally rich and wide

Witchcraft values a diversity of knowledge and experiences. It recognizes and celebrates the richness that different generations, genders, and cultures bring.

At WitchSchool, we know that promoting diversity and inclusion not only enhances innovation and creativity but also fosters a welcoming atmosphere where all individuals can thrive.

We welcome a diverse range of students, regardless of age, gender identity, or cultural background.

Our curriculum incorporates teachings and practices from various Earth-centred traditions, ensuring a broad cultural spectrum is represented in the learning process.

Efforts are made to honour diversity through staffing policies, neurodivergent teaching styles and accessibility, including gift-giving scholarships offered to those in need.

Value #6. Experiential Learning / Community of Practice

The witch’s journey involves learning through personal experiences and sharing knowledge within a community.

Learning at WitchSchool is highly experiential.

Students actively engage in rituals, divination, and spiritual practices.

The community formed in the school becomes a community of practice, where experiences are shared, and students learn from one another.

As a business, We encourage experiential learning through mentorships among staff, hands-on training, and a “community of practice” approach — where team members continuously learn from one another’s experiences, leading to professional growth and skill development.

Value #7. Feminist

The Witch’s path embodies the feminist principles of empowering women, valuing femininity, and challenging patriarchal norms.

In a business context, a feminist approach promotes gender equality, female leadership, and fair representation at all levels of the organization. It includes advocating for equal pay, creating supportive policies for work-life balance, and dismantling systemic gender biases.

WitchSchool empowers individuals, particularly women and non-binary folks, to find their voices, question societal norms, and support each other. It encourages a shift away from hierarchical power structures and embraces collaborative, matriarchal models of leadership.

Value #8. Activism / Culture-changing

Witches are activists for social and environmental change.

The values instilled by WitchSchool are inherently activist in nature.

They inspire students to be agents of positive change, both in their own lives and in society.

By challenging the status quo and embracing a more harmonious relationship with the Earth, students contribute to a culture-changing movement that seeks to heal the planet and its people.

As a business, this translates into advocating for ethical business practices, taking a stand on important societal issues, and leading by example in terms of environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

A culture-changing business actively strives to make a positive impact on society, both within and beyond its industry.

If these values resonate with you and the woman you are stepping into, and the world you seek to co-create, consider joining our next Witchschool cohort. Click here to learn about our free monthly upcoming events.

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