Witches: Wise Women at the Intersection of Earth-Centered Spirituality

The Rise of Sacred Feminism and Aligned Activism

In the shadows of history where flames defiantly consumed wise women (and many innocent ones)…a seed, a force intertwining Earth-centered spirituality, the rise of Sacred Feminism, and unwavering activism were planted.

It would take millennia for Her to rise from the depths within our very cells, for it wasn’t merely Witches who were burnt…

It was the ancient Earth knowledge they clung to.

The formidable feminine power they embodied.

And the sacred connection to the Divine they personified as Healers, Oracles, Midwives, Priestesses, and Shamans.

Mighty female deities were obliterated from religion and replaced with feeble or malevolent female characters.

Magic, Earth-based practices, the female body, sexuality, and cyclical knowledge were all shackled to the devil.

If you’re reading this, you were born into a system moulded by those who ignited the flames.

Indoctrinated to believe that men were the epitome of power, destined to rule and lead.

Women and nature were deemed wild, and thus, best kept under control.

Stories — in fairytales and textbooks — revolved around this patriarchal fairy tale fallacy. Witches transitioned from community leaders to pariahs.

And delicate Princesses, daughters to Kings and spouses to Princes and Knights, became our aspirations.

After tens of thousands of years, reverence for the Feminine and Earth descended into shadow, plunging into a profound and enduring slumber.

But never be deceived by what appears to be a sleeping seed…

Even when she appears dormant for an eternity, she might be slumbering, amassing strength in the dark, fertile soil — poised to reemerge as a seedling when the moment is ripe.

And the moment is ripe, right NOW.

Our seedling began to sprout as women reclaimed their rights to all that had been usurped — rights to education, land, sovereignty, and leadership.

Yet, our seedling’s environment hasn’t been welcoming.

Conservative forces, snug in the relatively short-lived patriarchal system, ascended…

The seedling summoned her daughters to reconnect with our revered Mother, our ancestral feminine wisdom, and an intrinsic sense of power to nurture collaborative leadership, creativity, and judicious choices for the future.

To EMBRACE the ancient ways.

This recollection and reconnection are a fount of strength, empowering feminists to step into collaborative leadership and make choices that serve the Earth and Her progeny.

Think: people + planet > profits.

WitchSchool rises as a crucible for this spiritual and paradigmatic renaissance, aspiring to forge a legacy of empowered activists and feminist leaders for posterity.

As we navigate the intricate crossroads of Earth-centered spirituality, the surge of Sacred Feminism, and aligned activism, the sagacity of witches illuminates the path towards a more harmonious and empowered future.

Join our community and learn what we’re all about at one of our upcoming WitchSchool events.

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