The Story Of Witches

The best-kept secret

Once upon a time, many millennia ago, women-led alongside men.

Not only were we respected, but we were worshipped as the embodiments of the Goddess.

Seen as One with the Great Mother.

Revered for our fertile, life-giving powers.

And our intimate relationship with the Earth.

Humans that could bleed and not die.

Humans that created other humans.

Humans in intimate relationship with the moon.

Uncontrollable, powerful, and free.




Can you even imagine?

Over time there, with the commodification and privatization of land and accumulation of resources amongst the few, a worldwide campaign to own the Earth and oppress women took root.

The Sacred Feminine was erased from belief systems that evolved into hierarchies with men as middlemen between human and the Divine.

Powerful female deities were erased from religious institutions, and replaced with weak or evil female characters.

Women and their allies were killed and tortured for being healers, medicine women, Shamans, and Priestesses.

Magic, Earth-based practices, the female body and sexuality, and cyclical knowledge became associated with the devil.

And over centuries, women became secondary — controllable, malleable, and in service to men and their accumulation of power.

Those who survived on the edges of society, honouring the old ways, were labelled as Witches — outcasts at best, tortured and burned at worst.

We know them today as cruel green-faced Halloween characters with disfigured faces.

As child-eating old women.

As demonic agents of the devil.

Patriarchal brainwashing. All of it.

The End.

But is it?


Today the fog is lifting and Our Beloved Earth is calling Her Daughters to rise again.

You feeling it?

At Witchschool, our mission is to empower our students and equip them with the tools, knowledge, and Earth-centred spiritual foundation to engage in positive personal and social transformation.

Alumni develop a grounded sense of self, deepened connection to the Sacred Feminine and Earth, and a commitment to taking a more active role in environmental and social issue — unique to their passion and strengths.

If you’re interested in learning about, and liberating yourself from that which is beyond the patriarchal socialization you grew up with, consider joining one of our free upcoming Witchschool events.

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