But what is a Witch, really?

From weird to Walmart: a look at today’s witch wave


Everybody and their cat is talking about witches.

Crystals, cauldrons and spell books have gone from weirdo-owned to Walmart-available. Just head on over to TikTok’s #witchtok and add yourself to 31 billion (!) other witchy viewers, to see what I’m talking about.

Some witches celebrate the rise of the “witch wave”. Others among us look at it with scepticism.


Let’s take a moment to unweave this witch trend web that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon…


First things first: being a witch can mean a lot of things.

It’s not exclusive.

After all, having lived on the periphery forever — excluded from society, we know all too well what exclusion feels like. And wouldn’t want to sow any more of those seeds.

There are kitchen witches, green witches, water witches, forest witches…the list goes on.

And their practices can include crystals, cauldrons, spell books and even #witchtok views or, dare I suggest, videos.


But here’s the thing: they don’t have to include any of these things.

Because at its core, being a witch, really, is about more than being witchy.

4 things that a witch is

Here are 4 things that a witch is, (that happen to be absolutely free, easy on the Earth and forever nourishing).

1. To be a witch is to be in deep intimate and spiritual relationship with the ancestral and cosmic cycles, and natural ecosystems inside and around us.

Witches connect with the cosmic, acknowledging the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. They recognize that they are part of a vast and intricate web of life and existence.

Witches celebrate nature’s cycles, the elements (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit), and the Great Mother Earth herself.

And as part of this web of life and existence, Witches honor and connect with their ancestors, seeking guidance and wisdom from those who came before them.

2. To be a Witch is to remember & embody ancient Earth-centred feminine wisdom in today’s modern world.

Witchcraft often places a strong emphasis on reclaiming and embodying ancient Earth-centred feminine wisdom. It involves recognizing and valuing the roles of women and the feminine divine in both historical and contemporary contexts.

Witches honor and draw inspiration from the Goddesses and feminine archetypes present in various cultures throughout history. They work to reintegrate these symbols into their lives to empower themselves and others.

In the modern world, embodying ancient feminine wisdom is a call to action, challenging gender norms and contributing to a more equitable and inclusive society that respects and reveres the feminine as an essential and powerful force. This wisdom is about restoring balance and equity between masculine and feminine energies, advocating for women’s rights, and recognizing the sacredness of the feminine in a world that has often undervalued or marginalized it.

3. To be a witch is to be an activist and cultural change agent, in service of Mother Earth.

Witches view themselves as stewards of the Earth, advocating for its protection and regeneration. They actively engage in environmental and social activism to address pressing issues like climate change and systemic social injustice.

By intertwining their spirituality with activism, witches are often at the forefront of cultural change, promoting ecological consciousness and sustainability.

Witches see their role as agents of change, using their spiritual practices, rituals, and community-building efforts to inspire collective action for the well-being of the planet and all living beings.

4. To be a witch is to know how powerful you actually are, and to have to know-how to wield it.

Witchcraft is rooted in the belief that every individual possesses inherent power and potential. Witches learn to recognize, harness, and utilize this personal power for positive change. They develop a deep understanding of their own capabilities, often through practices like meditation, spellwork, and energy manipulation. This knowledge empowers them to influence their lives and surroundings. The practical know-how of witches is a blend of spirituality, psychology, and practical magic, enabling them to manifest their desires, promote healing, and contribute to their own well-being as well as the betterment of society.


In sum, witches are Earth worshipping, re-indigenizing, badass feminists who see themselves as part of, and in service to an interconnected web of wonder that goes beyond the material here and now.

And this takes far more than popping a crystal in your bra for a job interview (though I’m not dismissing the power in that sweet ritual…)

It means we’re radical.


Getting real & radical

Activists. Ecofeminists. Healers. Midwives of Life and of Death.

Wise women who refuse to be part of an extractive, materialist, unjust culture anymore.

And guess what that means?

That’s right. It means we’re not about unconsciously feeding a superficial trend that supports the neoliberal capitalist status quo.


So, down with #witchtok, you say?

Well…not necessarily.

Because here’s another thing witches are — nuanced.


We don’t see things in black and white.

We see the complexity…the web.

We practice bringing the shadow into the light.

And in so doing, we facilitate healing.


So while the call to explore witchcraft may find you during a numbing out #witchtok scrolling session, luring you in through that gorgeous new tarot deck or crystal wand that promise to heal what may be lacking (typical capitalist trick!)…

The ultimate trickster knows (let’s call her The Goddess, for fun) that for those who are ready to dive deep and do the introspective healing work, these witchy toys can equally serve as an entry point into the world of witchcraft.

A world that goes beyond witchy, and into the deeper world changing realms of true witchcraft.


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