And a Witch school is born…

“Lock her up!” they chanted.

I stared at the screen in disarray as my body contracted to the crowd.

“Lock her up!” they chanted — over and over again.

The scene was awakening a fear and fury inside of me.

How could these words roll off their tongues so easily?

It felt like I’d been cast back in time to another era…an era my cells remembered with terror.

My body was stunned. My breath fell short and my body shook. Sadness turned to tears.

And then the RAGE began to rise.

Because I wasn’t watching an old movie.

What I was watching was being broadcast live.

It was the Fall of 2016, and the U.S. Presidential campaign was at its peak.

Donald Trump was on the campaign trail, about to be elected as President of the United States.

And, his rallied supporters — many from the religious right — were calling for Trump’s incumbent, Hillary Clinton, to be locked away.

“Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up.”

In that moment, not only did I see the right gaining ground, I also knew, deep in my bones, that such mob chants had been heard before.

Whether Clinton was right or wrong, it didn’t matter.

The fact that it was so easy for this chant to rise… for these people to reach and find these words… meant that the burning times — times when those who lived outside the patriarchal rules, were hunted and killed.

I was reminded that the Witch hunt that genocide wasn’t that long ago.

And so I did what witches do.

I consulted with my Sacred Circle.


What do we do? I asked the women who’d held me in Circle for 18 years.

It’s up to you, the wise ones said.

And so again, I did what witches do — I took my fear and fury and alchemized it into a healing space and training ground for those fighting the good fight for compassion and humanity and longevity of our planet.

A school for Earth lovers.
A school for feminists.
A school for leaders.
A school for activists.

A school for Witches.

And while we can’t offer Hogwarts castle, flying brooms or thrilling games of Quidditch, here’s the world-changing magic that Witchschool can offer.

WitchSchool is designed to serve as the spiritual backbone of activism and personal transformation.

By studying prehistoric archaeology, ancient philosophy, and ritual — all born of nature’s wisdom — WitchSchool expands the diversity of thought and offers a feminine spiritual basis for social activism, as well as ecological respect for Mother Nature.

You’ll awaken, learn and deepen:

  • An intimate and spiritual relationship with the ancestral, cosmic and natural ecosystems inside and around us.
  • A remembrance & embodiment of ancient Earth-centred feminine wisdom as is relevant in today’s modern world.
  • How to be an activist and cultural change agent, in service of Mother Earth.
  • A knowing of how powerful you are, and the know-how to wield it.

The patriarchal capitalist neo-colonial way is harmful and dying.

It’s time for a new way — a way forward that is rooted in ancient Earth-centred feminine wisdom.

Deepen this knowing and know-how with the Witchschool Canada community.

You can join us for our upcoming free events here. Or learn more about WitchSchool here.

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