3 Reasons Witches in Leadership Will Change the World

As forest burnings, school shootings, wars and social uprisings … tragically become the norm, Witches ask themselves:

Where are the women? Or more specifically, where are the wise women leaders?

It’s a rhetorical question, though.

‘Cause Witches know where the wise women are…and why they aren’t where we need them — in leadership…yet.

Witch wounds that have kept women small, and in secondary roles — as the woman behind the man — are healing and a new wave of feminism is rising.

Women are now seeking deeper connections with nature, spirituality, and the Sacred Feminine.

And with this revival, awakening Witches are increasingly stepping into leadership roles, advocating for change and embodying a new vision for society.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

The patriarchal capitalist neo-colonial way is harmful and dying.

The patriarchal style of leadership that’s rooted in militaristic thinking and born of a desire to take power and control of lands and people is on it’s way out.

Let’s explore 3 reasons why and how witches in leadership have the potential to step into this space to heal and co-create a new regenerative and just world.

Reason #1. Deep Connection to Life’s Cycles

Witches live in deep, intimate, and spiritual relationship with the ancestral, cosmic and natural forces— inside and around us.

Witch wisdom draws on ancient Earth-centred feminine wisdom, embracing a holistic worldview that respects diversity and the interdependence of all life forms.

This instills a sense of responsibility for the Earth, encouraging Witches to take a lead in social and environmentally conscious decision-making, in a style of leadership that is attuned to the rhythms of nature.

The innate respect and reverence for the Earth and Her ecosystems positions Witches as potent advocates for a healthy planet and regenerative living — holding the vision for a global shift towards non-hierarchical Matriarchal systems that support balance, equity and justice.

Reason #2. Promoting Feminine Wisdom and Equality​

Witches work towards re-membering and embodying ancient Earth-centred feminine wisdom, recognizing that a balance between the masculine and feminine is crucial for societal harmony.

The fresh perspective that this brings to a world that’s suppressed the feminine aspects for millenia, integrates qualities of compassion, cooperation and intuition in leadership, challenging traditional power structures and patriarchal styles of leadership.

This doesn’t only mean that Witches, as activists, are at the forefront of feminist movements — pushing for gender equity and dismantling the patriarchy. It also means that the emphasis on feminine wisdom and equality in leadership has the potential to create more compassionate and equitable societies.

Reason #3. Harnessing Personal Empowerment for Collective Change

To be a Witch is to know how powerful you actually are, and to have the know-how to wield it.

Witches can tap into their inner strength, intuition, and energy to effect change — not only in their personal lives but also on a larger scale.

The ability for self-empowerment translates into effective leadership that can inspire collective empowerment. An ability to nurture and heal fosters an inclusive environment where diverse voices are heard and valued. They encourage others to recognize their innate potential and take action.

As cultural change agents and activists in service of Mother Earth, witches channel their personal power and spirituality into movements aimed at social transformation.

With an unwavering belief in their own abilities and a deep connection to the spiritual and natural world, witches in leadership serve as examples and beacons of hope, urging individuals to join together in pursuit of a better world.

Witchschool takes its role in service of the healing of our Great Mother and the rise of the Divine Feminine very seriously.

We’re here to teach witches how to harness their power and step into leadership.

Your turn.

What are your thoughts are on the role of Witches as leaders? Leave your insights in the comments below — let’s talk about this.

And if you’re keen on learning more about how to step into your power as a Witch and leader, consider joining one of our upcoming free events here.

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