Dive into Ancient Feminine Mysteries.

Welcome to WitchSchool — where we learn and play at the intersection of feminist Witchcraft, earth-based spirituality, and natural healing.

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We stand at a crossroads in human history.

The old patriarchal capitalist way is harmful and dying. And the new way forward is rooted in ancient land-centred feminine wisdom.

This new-way wisdom is the knowing and know-how that you deepen in WitchSchool.

You know that being a Witch is about contributing to this new way and that your first step begins with deepening your craft.

You yearn to step into intimate and spiritual relationship with the ancestral, cosmic and natural systems inside and around you. You feel called to remember earth-centred feminine wisdom, the power it offers you and the know-how to wield it. And you’re ready to honour your unique mission and role as an activist and cultural change agent, in service of Our Great Mother/the planet.

WitchSchool is waiting for you.

We stand at a crossroads in human history.

Semester 1

Diving into the ‘herstory’ of divine femininity through auditory learning, readings, and virtual presentations.

Semester 2

Taking a hands-on approach to learning with casting circles, shape-shifting, drumming, and tarot reading.

Semester 3

Delving into personal leadership, mother/sister wounds, starting your own business, and creating empowerment from within.

Alumni and Community

"As a proud alumni, I continue to experience and benefit from the abilities and strengths of the circle that surrounds me. I have delighted in this program and it's ever-growing community of sacred sisterhood. It is truly a magical offering and one I wholehearted recommend!"
"As a student of the very first cohort of WitchSchool, I found that learning the basics of Witchcraft within a circle of women to be a very empowering and transformational year for me. WitchSchool helped to broaden my understanding of what it means to live in a way that honours this earthly experience, reveres nature and, celebrates the divine feminine."
"When we learned about WitchSchool, we decided to enrol together and we found that it helped to expand our learning on how to incorporate the practice into our daily lives more. We showed up that first night together knowing we would be in this class for a year and it was really nerve-racking since we both have bad social anxiety, but it was so worth it and so much fun. We made a connection with every other woman there and it helped make us closer as mother/daughter spiritually."
Kyra and Lynn
"WitchSchool was a significant turning point in my personal development as a Witch. I am of Ukranian descent and have learned so much from the curriculum and the faculty - I was able to circle with women of multi generations and listen and learn to enhance both my feminist learning and my inter generational support for my regular solo Witch practice - this was a life shifting year for me - I highly recommend it"
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